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Tesla Dealership in Detroit, Michigan - Studio III

Highrise Building

This building envisions a new era for Detroit. Its objective is to create an iconic landmark for bankrupt and decaying Detroit. Behind the precedents, the process for the product was formulated from bringing art to cities. For instance in Santurce, Puerto Rico, an advertising agency called C787 hosts an annual activity in the heart of the capital called Santurce es Ley. The activity consits on gathering the most known street artists accross the globe. Santurce is known to be a very low income neighborhood. This activity, rather than creating gentrification and dispersal has helped local business march forward by bringin tourists and spectators to admire the artwork or reknown artists.
The same way this phenomenon took over Santurce with its mural and attractive artwork, the Tesla multi-use building seeks to act as a billboard, a structure seen from far away which attracts Detroits population. The idea behind comes from the Beaubourg effect created by Centre Pompidou in Paris, France. A building completely juxtaposed from its Beaux Arts, classical architecture, yet one of the most successful museums in all of Europe with more than 7 million visitors a year. Exposing the structure not only creates an appealing architectural skin but it also removes the structural features from its core, leaving plenty of interior space for vehicle showcase and loft apartments.
The structure, exposed, serves as a skin to the facade while holding the program with its vertebrae in the exterior corner. It braids into a canopy which creates a smooth transition from the entrance to the upper most part of the skyscraper. 
Function follows form. The program for the building is separated by its form. The offices are intended to be just like Tesla's open space factory. Workers can enjoy a Tesla like environment, while being far from its headquarters. The idea of a Tesla Experience comes from having a progression where the visitor can enjoy the process of building a Tesla vehicle in separate stages. Walls enclose this moments so the visitor is not distracted with other process and can appreciate each step at a time. 
The entrance, one of the most important spaces, has the cars placed under the floor slab inside glass boxes. This becomes an interactive experience for the buyer or visitor. As the person walks over the glass boxes, these light up until the person arrives to the elevator which takes you up to continue voyaging through this multi use building, into apartments upstairs. 
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