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This project consists in creating a digital model created in Rhino using the techniques and characteristics of surfaces from contemporary architecture such as creases, undulate, swell, ripple, bulge, fold & fillet as well as  including the viva-section technique. The digital prototype will be an architectural tower and ground that will exhibit characteristics explained above and satisfy the architectural criteria of tectonic, volume, and ground. The tower is seen as a volume emerging from the ground. They are not separate entities and they exhibit similar characteristics, but they are somewhat distinct.


In this case the base or ground condition embraces the object which emerges from it, the tower. The contour from the laser cut sheets helps ahieve a flowing curvilinear effect which continues through out the whole model and accentuates the surface's topology. 


Model is fabricated using a laser cutter and +200 2/32" illustration board sheets. 

Visualization in Electronic Design


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