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Of Other Spaces, Heterotopias- 

Michael Foucalt

Queens, New York 

The project seeks to identify existing synergies and complementary methodological approaches between art, architecture, design and social experiments as communication entities, that can be applied transversally into problem solving scenarios.

The approach consisted of an interactive exchange between myself and a specific community. The focus of the experiment aims to provide methodological tools to be translated into the architectural process. Using the case-study of Queens in New York City, and with the view of creating spaces that can learn from its users, it challenges the understanding of architecture as an object by transforming it into a subject.

The research methodologies include: ethnographic techniques, asset based- methodology and design thinking applied in participatory games/toys, in addition to cognitive mapping and knowledge exchange strategies. These allow a vision to understand different forms of comprehension, identities and social practices involved in place-making processes around the Jackson Heights, Corona and Flushing neighborhoods, enabling a more ludic and diverse participation in architecture and urban interventions.

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