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Botanical Library

Brooklyn, New York

This project explored the current changing nature and cultural significance of the space of the public library through the lens of light and shadow. Emphasis was given to the importance of the human experience and qualities of these spaces.

Libraries today are changing how they address the needs of their communities. Particularly in NYC, libraries are becoming more and more hybridized. The program of our public libraries go far beyond the traditional circulation of books and study.

This more diverse collection of program requires, perhaps, a greater diversity of spaces. And with the use and program of our libraries now constantly in flux, how does that change the way we design and organize the space of the library? What if the spaces of the library were organized less on program specificity and
instead offered a variety of room types based on size, different qualities of light and shadow, greater or lesser amounts of acoustic privacy, etc?

20170424_JeanPierre_Plans_1 (4).png
20170424_JeanPierre_Plans_1 (6).png
20170424_JeanPierre_Plans_1 (5).png
20170424_JeanPierre_Section_Cross (1).pn
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